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Batman 66

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Batman is an American live-action television seriesbased on the DC Comicscharacter of the same name. It stars Adam West as Bruce Wayne/Batman and Burt Ward as Dick Grayson/Robin—two crime-fighting heroes who defend Gotham Cityfrom a variety of archvillains.[1][2] It is known for its camp style, upbeat theme music, and its intentionally humorous, simplistic morality (aimed at its largely teenage audience). This included championing the importance of using seat belts, doing homework, eating vegetables, and drinking milk.[3] It was described by executive producer William Dozier as the only situation comedy on the air without a laugh track. The 120 episodesaired on the ABC network for three seasons from January 12, 1966, to March 14, 1968, twice weekly during the first two seasons, and weekly for the third. In 2016, television critics Alan Sepinwall and Matt Zoller Seitz ranked Batman as the 82nd greatest American television series of all time. A companion feature filmwas released in 1966 between the first and second seasons of the TV show.

- Wikipedia 

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